Global Blocks Tutorial

Jon @ WP Templates Tutorial

Before this Global Blocks tutorial, If you haven’t read the introduction to X Theme post, I recommend you doing that first!

If you have, here is a quick video tutorial of the global blocks functionality in Cornerstone.

…For those that want to skim.

Global Blocks – What you need to know

Global blocks are sections of a site that get updated from one central area. Basically means you can have a repeated block all over your site and only have to update it once!

They are great for promotions. Say you have a giveaway that has a countdown. Create a global block, add it all over your website and only have to update it once when the promotion is over or counting down.

How to create your first global block

Step 1

Login to the admin side of your WordPress site and navigate to X > Global Blocks

Step 2

Click + new, Type in a name for your global block and Save it. Now click the edit button.

Step 3

In the newly loaded screen, create a global block by adding in a section and filling that section with elements as you would do normally. Once you are happy, click on the save button on the bottom left.

Step 4

Go to your content pages where you want to add your global block. Global blocks are selected in the elements menu. Add the global block element to your layout and choose the layout from the drop-down. Click save on the bottom left again to save changes.


You can now add it to more pages and when you do want to change that block, just head back to the Global Blocks section and edit the one you want! Simple.

Update: Having worked with these for a bit more, I’ve found a useful tip is to remove all padding and margins to the containers when creating the global block. This way, when you add one in to the container on the page it’ll fit in nicely.