How To Create A Download Free Offer Landing Page With X Theme and Cornerstone

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A Landing page. They are amazing for giving away Free E-Books, Checklists or How To guides to add value to a potential client straight away.

So what is the easiest way to create one of your own? With a WordPress website (the video goes through how to create one with Cornerstone, but I’ll explain how to do it without.) it’s super easy!

For this tutorial, I’ll be using X Theme. If you haven’t had the good fortune to see what X Theme is all about, check out this quick introduction to it.

Here is the video, but feel free to check out other helpful videos on the WP Templates Channel!

To go through what you need for this, the plugins are:

To get your landing page template, contact form details, images and some example documents, fill in the form and download it.

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For the videos on how to install your .tco block, check out the videos on the videos page.

What is a landing page?

In brief, a landing page is a single page on a website, offering a single service or product that has minimal distractions. It has one job.

Basic Steps Overview

To recap the video, you’ll first need to install at least the Contact Form 7 and Contact form 7 redirection plugins.

Next, you’ll want to add in the item to give away as your free download. This can be a Word doc, PDF, Excel checklist or Zip file containing a few different things. (you’ll want to copy the link when it has finished uploading)

Now you have a file to download, you can create the form to get the clients to enter their emails into.

Go to the Contact Form 7 plugin and add a new form. The form can be as standard, but you might want to get creative with some of the text on the button. Fill in the email settings to be correct, so that you receive a notification when someone has clicked the download button, then go to the new final tab called Redirection.

This is where you’ll add in the link to the downloadable file. Make sure to click the Use External Link option.

Now that this is setup, we can add this form to your page or blog post.

Open where you want to have it, and if you do have the Cornerstone page builder, then add in the template. Otherwise, see the instructions on how to just add in the Contact Form 7 shortcode.

That’s it!

Give it a quick test, check that it works as expected before you promote it on social media, tell your friends etc

For people using a different theme

If you don’t have X Theme as your theme then you can still have this cool download form on your landing page. The only change you need to do is to create the look of the download section yourself, so an image and some text to say what the user is going to be getting, and the contact form 7 shortcode.

To find that, just click on the Contact link on your menu, then grab the shortcode of the form you created for your download.

Copy your shortcode and paste it into your blog post or page

Copy this code into an area of your WordPress site that activates shortcodes. For instance, a blog post like this one will automatically trigger the shortcode code. If you are using an alternate page builder, you may need to add a specific element.

Wrap up

In this landing page tutorial you’ve learnt how to add in a form that triggers a download when the form is filled in. Using some of these page and landing page templates, you can add this free block in anywhere you want.

Don’t forget to get your resources kit!

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