Website Templates: How to use them to launch your first business!

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Website templates are a great way to help you launch your first business. They look good, are quick to install and are very cost effective.

I will be recommending X theme for WordPress as it allows for templates to be done really easily and for tweaks and personalization to those templates. You can see my fuller opinion on it on a blog post happily named “Why X Theme is #1” or you can choose to use your own stuff. This post will take you through the steps either way you choose.

We’ll learn about:

Initial setup

Websites on a custom domain have always, and will always be crucial to your business success. Nearly everyone has access to a browser, and the number of people that will be online in the next 5 years is going to grow by billions.

So you need a website. Website templates makes that process easy, affordable and quick.

Basic steps will be:

For more detailed steps and links on how to do all of this, I’ve put together a detailed guide for you.

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How much should you have to spend on your first website launch?

Generally, not much… (thanks to templates) but you should spend a bit to get it launched right. Let’s go through two stories / journeys.

Meet Tyler. He bloody loves SHOES.

He even wears them as earrings.

Tyler’s initial business plan is to write about shoes. So, all he needs now is somewhere to write about it, right?

Medium is a free blogging platform. It’s popular and looks cool.

That’s a blog sorted.

So, Tyler writes a huge amount about shoes and his posts get really popular. 1000’s of views of his shoe reviews. This is amazing!

Now what? Affiliate links on there would be sweet so he gets some kickback from writing all these great reviews. As Medium is all about not advertising, he can potentially be banned. THATS ALL HIS STUFF AND TRAFFIC GONE!

So, Tyler decides to move his blog too, yet another free software, Wix, as they have cool looking templates (or SquareSpace, whatever). Moving the blog will take time, but its worth it because he’ll be able to put relevant adverts on there and start making some money.

It’s on a free plan though so the domain will be Not the best looking but whatever.

Moving domain names can massively damage your current Google rankings if not done properly.

A visual representation of your Google rankings hitting the ground

On Wix, you don’t have direct access to the files you need to stop your rankings down, but they do let you put a limited amount of redirects.

Stage 2 – E commerce

Ok, so now Tyler is making some money. Now he’s thinking “OMG… I’m gonna SELL. SHOES.”

To add e-commerce to his site he needs to upgrade to a plan which will cost him $17 a month. That’s above average as you can get shared hosting for as little as $4 a month.

“THAT’S TOO MUCH!” says Tyler… a little frustrated that his free stuff isn’t free anymore.

So, he now decides to go fully legit. Custom domain. Fast hosting. His own website. Using X Theme Templates means that he can choose and mould his design really easily.

The whole move of his stuff from Wix to his new site is another few hours of work but it’s worth it as now he can sell shoes straight from his website. Plus its called which is a far better name.

His site is on WordPress, he adds WooCommerce to sell his shoes, plus all his blog posts are automatically populated AND he can manage all of the tech side so he doesn’t lose any of his Google rankings.

This was Tyler’s story…

Meet Steve.

He bloody loves GLASSES.

“I love glasses” – Steve.

Steve knows that his business needs might change in a few weeks, months or years, but his business plan is exactly the same as Tylers.

“I love glasses so much I’m gonna write about them all the time! I need a BLOG.” – Steve.

Now, Steve has seen Tyler’s problems so he know’s what to do. He is happy to spend a little on hosting so that he can go straight to WordPress, installs X Theme (here is why its the best theme to buy) and a template and starts blogging. Steve shares his posts on social media getting traffic back to the website. He can track all of the folks that land on his website and he can start getting an email list together.

Steve’s blog is now getting really popular, so, he wants to stick some relevant ads on there. He can because he can do what he want’s on his website.

Now the ads are converting, he’s thinking “OMG… I’m gonna make and sell GLASSES”.

Sweet. Let’s install WooCommerce for free on his site, fill in the products, boom. Done. He’s selling glasses.

I know who had it easier…

Let’s delve deeper into:


WordPress is the #1 platform to blog from. Its code is always up to date so Google loves it. It’s really easy to customise those blogs to look exactly how you want them + you have an army of plugins to help you monetize your content.

This video takes you through how to get those blog posts to rank on Google.

The best types of blog post are:

  • Reviews
  • How To
  • Comparison
  • Quick tips

These will basically answer the search that people entered so Google will see them as the best possible page for the search term.

Once you start ranking on Google, you can start getting some commision from your content.

How to monetize your blog

#1 would be to be an affiliate of the service or product you are reviewing or comparing. You already love their product and people are reading your reviews so why not make a bit on any sales you generate?

MaxBounty is a great place to get affiliate links. They have high ticket payouts and a nice wide range of offers. Find one that suits your blog content and simply add them in.

Showing Google ads on your site is another way, but you need to have a huge amount of traffic for that to be as profitable as affiliate marketing. You also don’t have control over the ads that are shown on your site. The ads that are shown are relevant for the user viewing, not relevant for the content on your site.

Create your own service to promote

This is also a great way to monetize your blog.

Let’s say Steve writes a blog post that goes into how different glasses can change the shape of your head. He might have a personal range that solves this issue so he can promote this in his blog.

It’s relevant, you are reading his blog so he has gained a bit of your trust and it’s here ready to go. It’s easier to make the purchase than keep looking.

Ok, so we’ve covered a lot!

You now have a successful blog and its making money.

Here is how you maintain it.

Keep writing, keep tweaking posts that rank well, change up the format of the ones that don’t. Create new offers for people, add landing pages for those products.

It’s a competitive world out there and there are always new folks launching new things that might take away your traffic. So don’t let that happen.

New service or product launches are a great way to engage with your audience. Just adding them to an already growing archive is good but a specific landing page will have a huge impact.

When you do a launch of a new product to your email list, sending them to a dedicated page on your site is the optimal way to get the best conversions.

How to add a landing page.

With the correct setup, this is super easy.

  1. Choose a landing page template.
  2. Add it to your site.
  3. Create a new page.
  4. Select the template.
  5. Add in your content.

You’ll now have a page where you can take sales or signups instantly. Send this out to your email list, Social media and watch the money roll in.


Website templates, setup correctly in the first place to allow you to grow, without having the headache of moving software platforms.

WordPress is the most used website platform on the web, and is getting eaier and easier to use with the growing number of templates. It keeps getting better, and you will always own anything you add to it.

I hope this post helped, and if you have questions regarding topics covered in it or anything X Theme or WordPress related then feel free to give a shout to support!