What are landing pages?

Landing pages are essentially just pages with a sole purpose of capturing leads.

Standard pages will highlight all areas of your site. A highlights reel of your site if you will.

A landing page is super focused on getting a lead by highlighting all aspects of a single service or product.

What do you get with a landing page?

There are different types of landing page but essentially you will always get:

  • TCO file
  • PDF instructions
  • Images

TCO – This is the file type that Cornerstone produces and it’s what you import into your site through the Template Manager. You simply drag the .tco file to the left area on the template manager and it gets uploaded and added to your template library. You’ll now be able to select it as a template to use on your pages. Landing pages come with 1 TCO file that contains both the main landing page and a thank you page.

PDF – This is a simple set of instructions to go through. It contains a link to the video help page and any additional code that you might need to add to get your pack working as should be.

Images – Any images that are used in a pack as examples are also available for you to use. The source will be from unsplash.com which offers high-quality stock images to use. 

With landing pages, there is an extra step in the implementation and that is the extra thank you page.

Thank you pages are there so that you can accurately count the number of successful conversions. A conversion counts when you get a new visitors email address. Google Analytics uses a metric called Goals. Check out this tutorial by Monster Insights on how to add in a specific goal. Facebook’s Pixel also needs to have a specific page to track how many successful conversions you are getting. Check out this tutorial on adding a Facebook Pixel to your site.


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