What is the Google Guarantee? – Is Your Business Included?

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Google are always evolving and launching new services. Their latest addition is the Google Guarantee.

But what is it other than a new green badge on your local listing?

As you can see in the screenshot, point 1 shows the green badge to indicate the company is covered and certified by the Google Guarantee.

Point 2 is also important as it also shows that these are a new google advert layout, specifically for local services.

What is the Google Local Services platform?

Essentially, this is Google’s version of Yell and other local directory sites.

You pay them already to advertise on their platform, so they have now just grouped and listed all of the services they have all the details for.

Most local directories have a free option and these are still great to have, but if you are paying for a sponsored ad on there then it will well be worth keeping an eye on your ROI from them and keep an eye on your competition to see where they are advertising. 

The new local services ads are at the very top of the Google search results. Even higher than the standard paid advertising. 

Check out the Local Services platform.

What does the Google Guarantee cover?

When you are certified, Google will refund any of your dissatisfied customers up to a lifetime cap of $2000.

There are 3 points that must be met for Google to refund:

  • The refund amount will be the amount on the invoice within the lifetime cap of $2000.
  • Service must have been booked through Local Service. – This is the ads service that Google provide.
  • Claims must be submitted within 30 days. 

Source – The Google Guarantee.

The process is still the same for you as a company with the addition of one extra step. The client would raise a complaint with you, you would then determine if the refund should be given or not. Then you, as the business, refund the customer. The extra step being that you would then go to Google and claim back the refunded amount.

What businesses are included in the program? 

The ad program that you need to be a part of is the Local Services Ads. Currently its only available in the US and in the United Kingdom and for these services:

  • Locksmiths – US and UK
  • Plumbers – US and UK
  • Electricians – US
  • HVAC – US
  • Carpet Cleaners – US
  • House Cleaners – US
  • Garage Door Services – US

This list will obviously grow over time so will try and keep it up to date as possible, but the source to this is on the google site.

What can you do now to be one step ahead of your competition?

First step is to set up a Google business page. This gives you a local listing, allows your clients to leave you reviews and gives loads of options to add a website, opening times, photos and a load more.

Check out this blog post for a step by step guide on setting it up your Google business page.

Once that’s validated – start getting those reviews!

I found a great way is to add a link to it in your email signature. Also, after you’ve finished, send a quick follow up email to your customer saying:


Thanks for choosing <insert business>! We loved helping you out.

If you could spare 2 minutes to leave use a review we’d be forever grateful.

Thanks again!

Once you start getting those positive reviews, you’ll already start working your way up the local listings.

Lastly, and you’ll wait until the Google Guarantee is rolled out in your area, you’ll invest in some Local Services ads. Not that will break the bank, and it’ll be a hugely beneficial investment.

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